New to Princeton Church?  We are excited about the opportunity to connect with you.  Here are a few First Steps that we suggest:


First Steps

  1. Are you just starting your walk with Christ?  We offer a New Believers class that will help to guide you on this new journey that you are taking.  To sign up for this class please call the church offices at (919) 965-6675
  2. Want to get plugged into a small group?  Take a look at the Ministries page and find one that you feel will suit your needs.
  3. Want to make your relationship with Princeton Church official?  We offer a membership class every quarter.  Just call the church to schedule.
  4. Like the opportunity to become a Team Member?
    1. Our first step is for you to complete a spiritual gifts assessment by clicking here.  This assessment let’s us know you are interested and also shows us the role in which you will best serve.
    2. Next you can fill out our Dream Team – Volunteer Form here.

Thanks for your interest in Princeton Church!  We are excited to run with you for the cause of Christ!